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Interpet nano aquarium air pump

Interpet Nano Aquarium Air Pump Review

Whilst air driven sponge filters are so often cited as one of the most shrimp and fry-friendly of aquarium filters, their droning noise frequently negates their usage in aquariums installed in bedrooms, studies and anywhere else where you might wish to hear your own thoughts. This rattling noise is attributable to the method used by the vast majority of aquarium air pumps to produce the pressure needed to pump air through the airline and into the water. Interpet, with their new Nano aquarium air pump have not only tried to solve the common noise pollution issue associated with this type of filter, but have also come up with a nifty and stylish product that’s well suited to use in nano aquaria.

interpet nano aquamini aquarium air pump rear viewFirst Impressions

Upon un-boxing this product, I was immediately baffled by the diminutive size of this product, and the apparent difficulty I had in finding the air intake…answers on a postcard please. It’s about the size of it’s own electrical plug and I must say, I wasn’t expecting it to pump a great deal of air when compared to other entry-level “nano-style” air pumps, however I was pleasantly surprised upon setting it up and turning it on to see a very reasonable output. You will need to supply your own check valve, air stone and airline tubing before using it but these are all standard sundry items from any aquatic shop.

The sucker used to attach the pump to the tank glass is really quite a nifty feature and made possible by the small size and light weight of this device.

Have Interpet made the Quietest Aquarium Air Pump?

It’s certainly not infeasible and their solution hinges upon something termed electrical oscillation technology which has seemingly done away with the diaphragm and indeed the electrical motor, a frequent cause of noise among air pumps. As for the noise, there is relatively little of it with the pump almost impossible to hear once you stand only a few feet away from your tank. The vast majority of user reviews on Amazon for this pump seem to support this. (read all of the reviews for the Interpet Nano aquarium air pump here)


RRP: £17.99

Cheapest price found online: £10.22 inc. P&P (as of 25/05-2015)

Recommended aquarium size: 25 litres


All things considered, it’s hard to fault this air pump in any way. Provided you’re only using it to power a filter or aerate the water in a small tank of little more than 5 gallons, there’s nothing more you could want. It’s a pity this particular design isn’t available in larger models as that would be a very enticing proposition for larger shrimp tanks and multi-tank breeding set-ups. Notwithstanding the latter, this product still gets a well-deserved 5/5.

Structured Data, Review
Title: Interpet Nano Aquarium Air Pump Review
Reviewed by Steven Caller on May 25
Rating: 5.0
Summary: A excellent and very quiet air pump for nano aquaria
Description: A great little air pump that’s quiet yet powerful enough to do the job for nano aquaria.

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  1. I have unboxed my nano air pump and plugged it in but there is no air output. Am I missing something?

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